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Speed Up WordPress Using WP Minify Plugin

WP Minify is one of the best plugins that helps to speed up WordPress by minifying all CSS and JavaScript Files. If you are looking to optimize WordPress for Google Page Speed then the very first step you have to follow is minify all JS, CSS files in your WordPress Themes. This way the number of HTTP requests can be limited and lighter version of scripts will be loaded on all pages of your blog. Minify engine is integrated to W3 Total cache plugin also.

Speed Up WordPress Using WP Minify Plugin

This plugin catches all available CSS, JavaScript files in WordPress page and passes them to minify engine. All these files will be minified, compressed and combined (if option is enabled) by minify engine before serving them in Header or Footer of you theme.
  • It easily integrates minify engine into WordPress and minifies JS, CSS in a fly.
  • Include or exclude internal and external Javascript, CSS files into WP Minify.
  • Minified files will be combined and can be placed in Header or Footer.
  • Duplicate sources will be identified and removed automatically.
  • Debug tool is also available  that helps to debug issues easily.
Although many other plugins can do the similar job, but none of them are not as precise as WP Minify. Just install it and you surely will notice a huge difference in loading speed. Still, if you are not satisfied with the performance, you can deactivate WP Minify in 2 simple steps. Find out which WordPress Plugins Are Slowing Down your blog.

How to install and Configure WP Minify Plugin

If you already know how to install a WordPress plugin, then proceed further to the WP Minify Plugin Page in Official Repo. After done with the installation, you need to configure it by using the available options in admin console. Go to Settings > WP Minify page and you can see some basic options there. Clicking on Advanced Options will expand the admin pane and displays more settings fields.
Step 1: General Configuration

Enable all minifications i.e Javascript, CSS and HTML by selecting the check boxes and saving the settings. By doing this, all the JS, CSS files will be compressed by removing unnecessary spaces and comment lines.
Step 2: Local Files Minification

You can include or exclude any JS, CSS files by inserting the link in these fields. Just enter one URL per line and click on save settings button. Files will be included or excluded respectively and this is a very handy option.
Step 3: Non-Local Files Minification
Apart from internal links you can also minify files from external sources also. In this example, I included CSS files on NRelate WordPress plugin and both these CSS files will be minified automatically. You can also see one JS file is also included in the above text area.
Step 4: Advanced Options
Advanced options include Cache settings , Pretty URL preference etc useful options to make the most out of WP Minify plugin. It is not recommended to place JS files in footer, as doing so will result in crashing of theme or plugins.
This way we can Speed Up WordPress Using WP Minify Plugin and share you experience in using it by dropping your valuable comment here.

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